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Niamhs approach is very friendly and fun – my boyfriend and I find ourselves laughing throughout the classes at some of the moves as they are fun and childlike to do! For me that aspect of Niamhs classes makes it even more enjoyable as it is nice to laugh and smile and enjoy what you are doing! – Nicole

I had not done Pilates for some time and I really felt the benefit of the classes with Niamh, getting a little stronger with every class. She explains things very clearly which is important when doing online classes. Niamh really listened to me and accommodated my needs and back issues. Very happy to recommend FlexandFlow Pilates. – Caroline

I have recently returned to Pilates and discovered  Niamhs online classes.. Niamh has a wonderful calming nature about her and I find her classes very enjoyable. She guides you through each move with expertise and where necessary will help you to meet your full potential. I can recommend Niamh as an excellent Pilates instructor. – Una

“Great class to take! The classes are tailored to the experience of the people in the class and you receive advice and pointers throughout to ensure you’re doing it correctly” – Aoife L (Co. Dublin) 

“Niamh is a truly fantastic pilates instructor. With her clear and concise instructions, Niamh really made it easy for someone like me who had never done a pilates class in my life! I really felt the gradual and very noticeable improvements to my flexibility thanks to her course and I couldn’t recommend Niamh more!” – Richard (Co. Wicklow)

“The classes with Niamh were my first ever experience of Pilates. I had never taken a class before and I was a bit apprehensive about how well I would do, however, within the first few minutes Niamh had put my mind at ease. She was so clear with her instructions and directions I gained confidence in my body’s abilities immediately. Pilates was not only an enjoyable experience for my body but for my mind too. By the second class I already noticed an improvement in myself and I would leave a class already excited for the next one! Niamh has a great way of explaining Pilates and has a great knowledge of all of the benefits of taking the classes. I would recommend Niamh to anyone who is apprehensive to start Pilates like I was. I promise you won’t look back!” – Sophie (Co.Clare)

“Thanks so much for the classes. I loved them! The classes on YouTube are really not the same. I thought the classes had a really good mix of exercises and loved that we weren’t doing the same thing every week. Niamh did really well especially considering the limits with doing it virtually, so well done” – Caoimhe (Netherlands via zoom!)

“Absolutely loved these pilates classes! Was delighted to see improvements in my strength, particularly my core as the weeks went on. I would highly recommend these classes to everyone, regardless of ability! With an online class like pilates I’d sometimes be worried I wouldn’t be able to do some of the exercises or do something incorrectly but I never had this problem with Niamh as the instruction was really clear and she gave alternative exercises and adjustments where needed. I not only felt like I benefitted physically, but also mentally, the classes were calm and focused on the breath so I felt relaxed even after an intense class!” – Frances (Dublin)

“Really enjoyed Niamh’s Pilates classes. It felt great to stretch out after a long day at the desk and also to take time to myself. It was also very informative – Niamh is very knowledgeable in the subject area and her passion shines through in her classes”– Aideen (Wicklow)

“As someone who is hyper flexible, it was lovely doing a class with an instructor who was very aware of this and paid very close attention to form, of all participants. Really wonderful classes and cannot wait to get back!” – Carla (Zoom)

“Niamh succeeds in making her classes engaging, fun, and inclusive — this is especially impressive given classes have taken place on a virtual platform for the majority of the past year. Niamh is very good at explaining each exercise and offering adaptations to suit an individual’s level. She brings her bubbly personality into each of her classes which makes for a fun and relaxed environment, while still providing a tough workout. A thoroughly enjoyable class and would definitely recommend to all levels of ability.”– Deirdre (co. Dublin)

I could not recommend these classes more, if you want something a little bit different from the norm, and need a bit of stretching on top of some Pilates, than Flex & Flow is the one for you” – Pauline

”I have participated in quite a few of Niamh’s Flex and Flow Pilates.  Her classes are always interesting and every class is different from the previous.  The classes are aimed at mixed ability and Niamh is excellent at giving alternative moves if you are not able for certain exercises.  I find Niamh’s voice so soothing and encouraging that I do not notice that I have done a full 40 minute class.  I especially love when Niamh throws in some stretching either at the beginning or the end , as after a day sitting at the computer, it is always lovely to stretch those in-active muscles.” – Online Client

Niamh, I enjoyed these classes so much. Everything was explained very well. Classes were always challenging but achievable. Thank you! – Summer Pilates term Client

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