Founder – Niamh Cleary

With 10 years experience as a competitive gymnast and numerous years coaching at a high level, Niamh has gained huge exposure to coaching, anatomy and movement of the body.  

After 6years of practicing pilates to an advanced level, Niamh decided to qualify as an instructor and share her passion for the freedom of movement that pilates gives. Under the guidance of the experienced instructors from the prestigious Pilates course – BASI – Niamh gained her qualification to teach mat pilates at a beginners, intermediate and advanced level.

Niamh is a certified Pre and Post natal pilates instructor with BASI pilates.

Niamh’s classes are enjoyable, yet challenging, and always leave you feeling, stronger, stretchier and happier than before you entered the class.

“I want to introduce people to a lifestyle where movement is an enjoyable, relaxing and beneficial part of their lives. I want mobility to become a choice, not a chore. Something they look forward to and feel the benefits of short term as well as long term.”- Founder Niamh Cleary

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